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Marketing Director Overwhelmed.jpg

overwhelmed by
marketing complexity
in 2022?

When you're understaffed and tasked with it all, your marketing suffers

Get a plan, the expertise, and the tools to transform your marketing....

6 Week Marketing Accelerator by Orijin

in six weeks
having a plan
targeted messaging
tools that work together

Today . . .
feeling behind
broad marketing
tools that frustrate
You'll get an OPERATIONALIZED MARKETING PLAN that outlines
  • Audience - Message segments
  • Metrics of success
  • Tactical marketing funnel
  • Media & content plan
  • Usable marketing calendar

Are you ready to take back your SANITY and  grow your business?

Book a discovery call to see if the accelerator is a good fit for your business.​

Not convinced?

“We already have a marketing plan.”

Does it just sit in a folder? Is it actionable, measurable, and realistic? We deliver more than just a plan. We deliver the tools and the process to make it real.


“Agencies are more expensive than hiring in-house.”

Hiring a multidisciplinary expert is expensive. Agencies bring experts from across the field and can adapt to changing business needs.

“How can someone outside of our organization understand what we do?”

Orijin approaches marketing with a design thinking mindset and has refined frameworks to uncover how to amplify your unique strengths.


a 15 minute call could make your job smooth again

Setup a call today. Email or fill out a few kickoff questions below​

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