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Rocky Mountain Chef Knives

New west
67% growth in online revenue Y.o.Y
How Orijin organized marketing and polished the customer experience to drive an exceptional ROI.

The Challenge: 

New West KnifeWorks (NWKW) needed an organized approach to marketing across legacy eCommerce and advertising platforms, and a consistent approach to the brand and customer experience. Their goal was to gain a holistic understanding of customer behaviors and realize a return on ad spend across their multiple channels and markets.



Orijin drove impressive sales outcomes with a customer experience centered  approach. Visitors were greeted with an on-brand and sharp home landing page experience. Long-format and scrollable, this told a more linear narrative about the product, the company, and the unique selling proposition for handmade high-quality knives. WIth the new homepage and improved navigation, 20% more visitors were making it to the checkout page. 


Between the site refresh and targeted advertising campaign across display, search, and social, overall site visitors were up 83%, and overall purchases were up 112%. This vindicated that we were driving relevant traffic to the site, and that the site was better converting visitors into sales. Growth in overall orders outpaced growth in customers, and order size was up, indicating that were effectively re-capturing existing customers and better cross-selling products.


The light brand refresh was echoed in both in-store collateral and newly segmented digital ads. With highly targeted digital ads, rather than a blanket approach, the Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Conversion (usually click through or a sale) were reduced by up to 10x year-over-year in some instances. NWKW now has better information about who their customer is and which messages appeal to different types of customers (in different buying stages). An ongoing A-B testing of creative and messages showed us which testimonials, photography, and promotions best captured customers.


A more organized approach to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Business, and native Shopify analytics clarified how customers were finding and exploring NWKW. We now had visibility into which products, articles, newsletters, and ads were bringing them in the door (both virtually and in-person). These business-wide insights shone a light on the immediate high-return opportunities for the online store and marketing strategy.


Orijin takes a lot of pride in the success of New West KnifeWorks. Our long-term relationship has allowed us to understand the real impact of our design decisions, as well as show a healthy and measurable ROI to the client. We’re excited to continue to grow with this exciting brand and team.

Impact Statement

New West KnifeWorks can now mature into the next chapter of their business. They can make informed decisions around product, marketing, content, and markets. They can better deploy investment and better predict revenue outcomes, while providing a smoother customer experience through their entire journey and relationship with NWKW.


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