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Integrated behavioral targeted ad campaigns helped the club sell over $80MM in real estate to a ready, qualified, international audience.

The Challenge: 

As Snake River Sporting Club entered a new phase of development they were in need of an integrated marketing approach that showed a clear ROI on spend and strategy. Orijin implemented a variety of strategies and tools to reach a High Household Income (HHI) non-local client in a timely, relevant, and trackable manner. Various integrated tools tracked the customer acquisition path across web, phone, email, and in-person visits. Orijin has continued to support their marketing and has expanded to consulting on back-of-house operational tools and providing content creation.


On the surface, the Sporting Club has presented a more polished and consistent brand experience. Underneath that skin, they now have clear customer insights around interest, location, and channel. This, combined with a hot real estate market, led the club to sell over 80M leading to a 56% increase YoY. We implemented multiple funnels for capturing email addresses from interested visitors, and built out sequenced, automated multi-touch communications. These funnels included smart triggers like reminders to view an informational PDF if it was unopened in email.


Orijin blended digital and print marketing with high-impact chairlift safety bar ads, delivered by AllOver MountainGroup on chairlifts across Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. These messages had trackable QR codes to track a portion of digital traffic to a unique landing page on the club website.


Social and digital display ads in browsers and apps were then delivered to those visitors to the website, including the unique visitors from the chairlifts. This approach, paired with selective behavioral Geo-fenced targeting allowed the club to communicate with a high-value audience.


This audience:

  1. was familiar with Jackson as a tourist or part-time resident, 

  2. had target interests like skiing, golf, horseback riding, fine dining, and more

  3. had demonstrated online behaviors indicative of someone in the market for a second home.


The last point, targeting an audience at a specific time in their real estate journey, was a valuable capability of Orijin in a part of the customer journey that is traditionally “blind” to advertisers.

Display Advertising

example charilift ad.jpg

Guerilla Marketing

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 11.28.21 AM.png

Print Collateral

Orijin's impact

Orijin’s value to the Snake River Sporting Club has extended well beyond the impact of strategic advertising. Consistency of brand and content across the club materials and newsletters, as well as stunning photography and media of the property, has mirrored their rise as a top-tier club. With Orijin functioning as a marketing team extension, the internal team has been able to focus more on operations and converting sales leads. The division of labor and the mutual trust has empowered both teams to excel and propel the club confidently into a bright future.

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