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Real Estate 

Professional imagery, video, and experiences to elevate your listings.

Engage interested LUXURY buyers on your listing... without ever setting up an open house


Orijin Media gives sellers and real estate agents the opportunity to turn a property into a brand of its own. Our agency uses 3D imaging, drone photography and an expert in-house photo/video team to help realtors and sellers promote their listing to the right audience. 

Selling luxury real estate in the Greater Yellowstone area is as much about the highlighting the surrounding landscape as it is about the property itself. Our team of local experts has the tools to showcase your listing beyond what most traditional photo teams can provide. In addition to creating high-end visual assets that give viewers a feel of the property, Orijin has the capabilities to put targeted real estate ads in front of interested buyers. 

Why Work With Orijin? 

  • We have history of branding luxury ranches and properties throughout the area

  • We know how to promote Jackson as a destination and understand the unique landscape 

  • Licensed drone pilots can fly anywhere in the greater Jackson area​​

  • Matterport imaging capabilities can let potential buyers do a virtual walkthrough of your home

  • Our local team can shoot your property in any season and showcase the breadth of Jackson's unique seasonal landscape 

  • Our digital ad team can help promote your property to specific audiences across the world

Want to learn more? Tell us about your listing:

Make Your listing stand out. 

  • Our photo/video team has the lighting equipment and  software to make your listings stand out.

  • We touch up every photo to ensure that each property is shown to the public in a way that stands out. 

  • In the example below, the sellers had not yet had their new countertops installed, so we photoshopped the photo to accurately match the counters that were being put in.

Before Real Estate.jpeg
After Real Estate.jpeg



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